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January 2024

Characterizing Biogenic MnOx Produced by Pseudomonas putida MnB1 and Its Catalytic Activity towards Water Oxidation

Elisa Morales, Sarah E. Shaner, Kari L. Stone

August 2023

Determination of Stretching Frequencies by Isotopic Substitution using Infrared Spectroscopy: An Upper-level Undergraduate Experiment for an In-person or Online Laboratory

Sarah E. Shaner, Kari L. Stone

June 2023

Buffer Effects in Zirconium-Based UiO Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) That Influence Enzyme Immobilization and Catalytic Activity in Enzyme/MOF Biocatalysts

Raneem Ahmad, Sydnie Rizaldo, Mahnaz Gohari, Jordan Shanahan, Sarah E. Shaner, Kari L. Stone, and Daniel S. Kissel

August 2022

Immobilization of a Bienzymatic System via Crosslinking to a Metal-Organic Framework

Raneem Ahmad, Sydnie Rizaldo, Sarah E. Shaner, Daniel S. Kissel, and Kari L. Stone

November 2020

Forming a Community of Practice to Support Faculty in Implementing Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences

Kari L. Stone, Daniel S. Kissel, Sarah E. Shaner, Kyle A. Grice, and Mary T. van Opstal

May 2020

Co-immobilization of an Enzyme System on a Metal-Organic Framework to Produce a More Effective Biocatalyst

By Raneem Ahmad, Jordan Shanahan, Sydnie Rizaldo, Daniel S. Kissel, and Kari L. Stone 

April 2020

A Learning Community Involving Collaborative Course-Based Research Experiences for Foundational Chemistry Laboratories

By David M. Rubush, and Kari L. Stone

January 2018

Improving the Success of First Term General Chemistry Students at a Liberal Arts Institution

By Kari L. Stone, Sarah E. Shaner, and Carol M. Fendrick

May 2016

Advances in Engineered Hemoproteins that Promote Biocatalysis

By Kari L. Stone, and Syeda M. Ahmed 

May 2015

Manganese-substituted myoglobin: Chararacterization and Reactivity of an Oxidizing Intermediate towards weak a C-H bond

By Kari L. Stone, Joey Hua, and Humdoon Choudhry

June 2014

Preparation and properties of an MnIV-hydroxide complex: proton and electron transfer at a mononuclear manganese site and its relationship to the oxygen evolving complex within photosystem II

Taketo Taguchi, Kari L. Stone, Rupal Gupta, Benedikt Kaiser-Lassalle, Junko Yano, Michael P. Hendrich, and A .S. Borovik

August 2010

Formation, Structure, and EPR Detection of a High Spin FeIV–Oxo Species Derived from Either an FeIII–Oxo or FeIII–OH Complex

By David C. Lacy, Rupal Gupta, Kari L. Stone, John Greaves, Joseph W. Ziller, Michael P. Hendrich, and A. S. Borovik

February 2009

Lessons from nature: unraveling biological CH bond activation

By Kari LStone, A. S. Borovik

April 2007

Reaction of Cytochrome P450BM3 and Peroxynitrite Yields Nitrosyl Complex

By Rachel K. Behan, Lee M. Hoffart, Kari L. Stone, Carsten Krebs, and Michael T. Green

August 2006

Evidence for Basic Ferryls in Cytochromes P450

By Rachel K. Behan, Lee M. Hoffart, Kari L. Stone, Carsten Kreb, and Michael T. Green

August 2006

Resonance Raman spectroscopy of chloroperoxidase compound II provides direct evidence for the existence of an iron(IV)–hydroxide

By Kari L. Stone, Lee M. Hoffart, Rachel K. Behan, Carsten Krebs, and Michael T. Green

April 2006

Evidence for Two Ferryl Species in Chloroperoxidase Compound II

By Kari L. Stone, Rachel K. Behan, and Michael T. Green

November 2005

X-ray absorption spectroscopy of chloroperoxidase compound I: Insight into the reactive intermediate of P450 chemistry

By Kari L. Stone, Rachel K. Behan, and Michael T. Green

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